More studies, travels and films

Marie: In the first half of the year I turned 19 and went on a week’s vacation to Sardinia in April with some high-school friends. We travelled around the island […]

Ten years and looking ahead

Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 31, 2012. 9:30 pm. Our doorbell rings. It is not a late trick-or-treater, but a policeman who comes to announce us the inconceivable. Aside from […]

Of white coats, film claps and hiking guides

Marie: 2021 was a successful year for me, full of important achievements and a fresh new start. In March, I finally turned 18 and started taking driving lessons. For the […]

Stay healthy!

Marie: Like milllions of other young people around the world, I experienced an unusual school situation this year. After the countrywide lockdown in March, I had online schooling until June. […]

Home again

December 2019 Here in Switzerland, the Dobbertin family is settling down for Christmas, and as always, we like to reflect on our year. I (Marie) will start by telling you […]

An eventful year

2018 has richly blessed us with travels and new stages of life. Although we will not celebrate Christmas together again, it will be for a pleasant reason – ask Marie […]

A year of tradition – just for once

December 2017 2017 has been a year of tradition for us. Mom, Marie and I (Hannah) wanted to revisit places that have grown on us and which we may not […]


December 2016 (Michèle) The three of us are finally back together again. During Hannah’s exchange year in Santa Fe, Marie and I enjoyed living tête a tête, which was even […]

Have you got a few minutes?

December 2015 Mom says I – Hannah – should take a few moments and write the Christmas letter this year since I have the most time. How untrue! There is […]

A year of new beginnings

December 2014 Only now that we look back at 2014 do we realize that this has been a year of new beginnings. We have dared, experimented and savored every one […]